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Habitat MSun Laser is a sister company of Habitat Industries. We are distributors of Fiber and CO2 laser cutting and engraving/marking machines, as well as laser welding machines. Our machines are easy to operate and virtually maintenance free. All our laser machines work on 220V power supply and come standard with the necessary operating software, installation and training.

We also offer laser cutting, marking and engraving services, with the emphasis on unique, custom made products.

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Fiber laser marking machines

Fiber laser marking machines are used for marking and engraving of metals, pvc and a various other materials. These machines are available in a variety of options, which include portable, stand-alone, industrial and 3-D marking machines.

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Fiber laser cutting machines

Fiber laser cutting machines are used for cutting sheet metals. Our machines can cut extremely detailed shapes and patterns, or big and bulky, depending on your design.

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CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines

CO2 laser machines are used to cut and engrave materials such as leather, wood, plastic, Perspex, fabric, paper and cardboard. Cutting and engraving (scanning) are done by the same machine, depending on the settings.

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Mould and tool marking and engraving

We specialise in engraving moulds for the blow moulding industry. Whether engraving is needed inside the mould, or down in the base, at an angle, on a curved surface, we can do it, using our industrial model fiber laser engraving machines.

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Unique, custom made products

We love to be creative and prefer to work on smaller, unique, custom made projects. You can either provide your own artwork and design, or make use of our in-house design office. Let your imagination run free!

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